This has been a reaallllllyyy good year for music both for new commers and some of the vets.. Two of the most anticipated albums this year Drakes- Thank Me Later and Eminems-Recovery

Drake- this album has been anticipated for over a year now, it features the dream, jay z, lil wayne, nicki minaj among others. This album has about 13 tracks each leaking over the past few months so most fans already have all the tracks, though Drake has has claimed that the leaks will help his sales i aint buying it but what else could he of said.. “OOPS”. Over all it has about 10/13 good tracks, not allot but i guess he thinks he doesnt need to push out that many tracks but what i dont get is the fact that he puts out so many mix tapes with original tracks but gives so few when it comes to the album. But i aint hating on Drake this shits gonna be platinum in a few weeks.

Eminem- RECOVERY. after releasing that terrible excuse for a album AKA relapse EM decided to get of drugs and go HARD-ER. which he did… DAMN EM. this album got about 17 tracks and its 95% perfect. he’s got a few features in it from P!NK, Rihanna, and Lil Wayne. but its HIT AFTER HIT.. the only problem em’s gonna have it deciding which ones to make a vid for. this album is violent but calming… classic EM. oh yeah Em’s album did leak a few weeks early to but he just pulled up d release date.

IN my opinion go get Em’s album not drakes, well drakes album not bad so u can get it to if u got some change, but its likely over the past few months you have allov d tracks.


~ by king1876 on June 24, 2010.

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