I Phone 4… to buy or not to buy

Again apple has come up with a new way for us to spend our dollars, thing time its with the new IPHONE, the IPHONE 4G. Before even being released this devise has gotten more google searches than the Paris Hilton sex tape (FACT… nt really).
So here are some reason why you should or should not get the new Iphone.

1. Its from Mac.. therefore its an high end device
2. Its pretty… not much more than the previous model but still.
3. 5 MP camera… Damn.
4. If your a game-aholic its necessary to feed your urges and get your digital high 🙂

1. Its from Mac, therefore next week they are gonna make a new slightly improved version and charge more money so we can go buy it and be up to date.

2. What can an Iphone do that your blackberry cant (that u REALLLLLY neeed). An Iphone does not guarantee pussy, success or friends. only shows that i have some dollars to kill so i bought this.

3. Its been repored to have antenna problems, bluetooth probs, sms probs.

4. Who aint gonna haave one a these within a yeat (in USA at least)

SO it this really worth 199$ plus….. I mean as a gift HELLL YEAH but 2 spend…. NAHH


~ by king1876 on June 24, 2010.

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