Poor Sexy Girl…

SO this girls i been talking to lately… CUTEEEE, like a 9/10…. looks wise, personality like a 3. I mean its not that she annoy me or nothing but damn, she kinda too perky which is sometimes nice but looses its appeal at about 12 AM. SO i guess i lied she does kinda annoy me. So why do i continue my pursuit u may ask… SHE CUTE. SO the question now arises are all human beings shallow and are willing to look pass anything to get a pretty face? The answer is (drum roll plz) YESSSS. We might not wanna admit it but yeah its true, people cant see personality and its like we wear our partner as an accessory to show something like status like a watch or a dog or even a car. so am i wrong probably yeah but thats not gonna stop ma pursuits in the slightest and it shouldnt stop you either


~ by king1876 on June 24, 2010.

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