Jamaica the communist

If u know me u’d kno im a real… “open minded” person. Jamaica a country that is suppose 2 be all about expression is like a fuckin communist country. People let the bane of the society dictate what we do. REALLY, how the fuck is someone sum ppl go dictate what i do. If i wha suck pussy, fuck yeah imo suck it (not sayin i do tho jus an example 😛 ) all drink d juice (ok im over doing it). But the fact remains what i do or dont do is my choice im not go let some backward thinkin people stop me from doin anythingggggggg that i find amusing. I think the biggest problem in Jamaica is that we focus on other people instead of just focusing on out “own world”, work with whats in-font of u. If people fuck man beast or batty (Jamaican for ass) let them do it. its not our responsibility to say what is right or wrong. Its funny how people go say its against the bible, so conveniently we religious now. Crime capital in the world and our main problem is who people fuckin… tisk tisk tisk


~ by king1876 on December 5, 2010.

One Response to “Jamaica the communist”

  1. Love it. I’m not saying that I support gay lifestyle but just leave them the hell alone to live their lives! We are NOT God. Good post. Straight to the damn point.

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