The “ba bye Daddy” post

Decided to do another idle blog post abt something kinda diff.
Yesterday (26 Feb) ma first year group went 2 a girls home. I really didn’t feel like goin but some1 (<3) changed ma mind. (I'm typin with 2much detail rite!!! This go take 2 long so fast 4ward) I was helpin this lil girl read, she was 11 and couldn't pronounce a word as simple as " Bear” poor girl called the word teddy. I really tries 2 help her but the books were wayyy 2 advance 4 her. We just started 2 talk and she told me abt how she liked music and tht her mom never carried her to kindergarten šŸ˜„ . She walked with me and showed me around for the day and I gave her ma fone 2 take a few pics. She eventually carried over her friend and introduced me as her daddy (tht was so fuckin cute) the asked me 2 come back tomorrow and I said I couldn’t but she’ll see me again, she asked me 2 carry her out on ma holiday n I told her I had school. (Fast 4wardin once more>> ). We had to leave and she told me bye and I went into the bus, she ran up behind the bus and said “ba bye daddy” and I waved. I know feeling sorry 4 her won’t help but I can’t help it šŸ˜„


~ by king1876 on February 27, 2011.

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