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The “ba bye Daddy” post

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Decided to do another idle blog post abt something kinda diff.
Yesterday (26 Feb) ma first year group went 2 a girls home. I really didn’t feel like goin but some1 (<3) changed ma mind. (I'm typin with 2much detail rite!!! This go take 2 long so fast 4ward) I was helpin this lil girl read, she was 11 and couldn't pronounce a word as simple as " Bear” poor girl called the word teddy. I really tries 2 help her but the books were wayyy 2 advance 4 her. We just started 2 talk and she told me abt how she liked music and tht her mom never carried her to kindergarten ๐Ÿ˜ฅ . She walked with me and showed me around for the day and I gave her ma fone 2 take a few pics. She eventually carried over her friend and introduced me as her daddy (tht was so fuckin cute) the asked me 2 come back tomorrow and I said I couldn’t but she’ll see me again, she asked me 2 carry her out on ma holiday n I told her I had school. (Fast 4wardin once more>> ). We had to leave and she told me bye and I went into the bus, she ran up behind the bus and said “ba bye daddy” and I waved. I know feeling sorry 4 her won’t help but I can’t help it ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Jamaica the communist

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If u know me u’d kno im a real… “open minded” person. Jamaica a country that is suppose 2 be all about expression is like a fuckin communist country. People let the bane of the society dictate what we do. REALLY, how the fuck is someone sum ppl go dictate what i do. If i wha suck pussy, fuck yeah imo suck it (not sayin i do tho jus an example ๐Ÿ˜› ) all drink d juice (ok im over doing it). But the fact remains what i do or dont do is my choice im not go let some backward thinkin people stop me from doin anythingggggggg that i find amusing. I think the biggest problem in Jamaica is that we focus on other people instead of just focusing on out “own world”, work with whats in-font of u. If people fuck man beast or batty (Jamaican for ass) let them do it. its not our responsibility to say what is right or wrong. Its funny how people go say its against the bible, so conveniently we religious now. Crime capital in the world and our main problem is who people fuckin… tisk tisk tisk


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This has been a reaallllllyyy good year for music both for new commers and some of the vets.. Two of the most anticipated albums this year Drakes- Thank Me Later and Eminems-Recovery

Drake- this album has been anticipated for over a year now, it features the dream, jay z, lil wayne, nicki minaj among others. This album has about 13 tracks each leaking over the past few months so most fans already have all the tracks, though Drake has has claimed that the leaks will help his sales i aint buying it but what else could he of said.. “OOPS”. Over all it has about 10/13 good tracks, not allot but i guess he thinks he doesnt need to push out that many tracks but what i dont get is the fact that he puts out so many mix tapes with original tracks but gives so few when it comes to the album. But i aint hating on Drake this shits gonna be platinum in a few weeks.
DOWNLOAD: http://sharingmatrix.com/file/9241793

Eminem- RECOVERY. after releasing that terrible excuse for a album AKA relapse EM decided to get of drugs and go HARD-ER. which he did… DAMN EM. this album got about 17 tracks and its 95% perfect. he’s got a few features in it from P!NK, Rihanna, and Lil Wayne. but its HIT AFTER HIT.. the only problem em’s gonna have it deciding which ones to make a vid for. this album is violent but calming… classic EM. oh yeah Em’s album did leak a few weeks early to but he just pulled up d release date.
DOWNLOAD: http://hotfile.com/dl/50331598/bb3447f/re.rar.html

IN my opinion go get Em’s album not drakes, well drakes album not bad so u can get it to if u got some change, but its likely over the past few months you have allov d tracks.

Poor Sexy Girl…

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SO this girls i been talking to lately… CUTEEEE, like a 9/10…. looks wise, personality like a 3. I mean its not that she annoy me or nothing but damn, she kinda too perky which is sometimes nice but looses its appeal at about 12 AM. SO i guess i lied she does kinda annoy me. So why do i continue my pursuit u may ask… SHE CUTE. SO the question now arises are all human beings shallow and are willing to look pass anything to get a pretty face? The answer is (drum roll plz) YESSSS. We might not wanna admit it but yeah its true, people cant see personality and its like we wear our partner as an accessory to show something like status like a watch or a dog or even a car. so am i wrong probably yeah but thats not gonna stop ma pursuits in the slightest and it shouldnt stop you either

I Phone 4… to buy or not to buy

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Again apple has come up with a new way for us to spend our dollars, thing time its with the new IPHONE, the IPHONE 4G. Before even being released this devise has gotten more google searches than the Paris Hilton sex tape (FACT… nt really).
So here are some reason why you should or should not get the new Iphone.

1. Its from Mac.. therefore its an high end device
2. Its pretty… not much more than the previous model but still.
3. 5 MP camera… Damn.
4. If your a game-aholic its necessary to feed your urges and get your digital high ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Its from Mac, therefore next week they are gonna make a new slightly improved version and charge more money so we can go buy it and be up to date.

2. What can an Iphone do that your blackberry cant (that u REALLLLLY neeed). An Iphone does not guarantee pussy, success or friends. only shows that i have some dollars to kill so i bought this.

3. Its been repored to have antenna problems, bluetooth probs, sms probs.

4. Who aint gonna haave one a these within a yeat (in USA at least)

SO it this really worth 199$ plus….. I mean as a gift HELLL YEAH but 2 spend…. NAHH


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Kanye released his first official shoe with NIke, named the AIR YEEZY. As soon this shoe was released reports surfaced of imitators, due to the fact that this shoe costs 1000 on E bay. Donโ€™t worry people, you wonโ€™t have to surrender to these. The real Nike Air Yeezys in Zen Grey / Light Charcoal colorway hit the stores on TODAY (April 4th, 2009)yeezy THE FAKE>>fake-air-yeezys-02

THE NEW WAY KIDS ARE GETTING HIGH… involving tampons??

•December 8, 2008 • 3 Comments

tamponsApparently kids have found a new way to get high by inserting vodka soaked tampons into the vagina. And just so the boys won’t be left out, it works rectally as well. This is one of those awful things that no one wants to believe is possible, but read on.

Keep in mind that many vaginal medications are routinely administered via tampon, and that the unprotected membranes of the vagina and anus would allow alcohol to enter the bloodstream faster than the acid protected gastrointestinal tract.